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[Being in Folding]review....Houston Press 2010. 12. 14

Folding Mountain, Myungjin Song

CTRL Gallery Show in Elegant, Riveting and ...Icky?

      Song is working the red-green complementary colors with strangely visceral paintings. Dark-green surfaces, pinched, folded, dented or tied, read as fabric - and flesh; red blood cell-like dots are scattered and spattered across them. In other works, pinkish goo seems to ooze out from an unknown source, creating intestine-like forms. As admittedly icky as the descriptions sound, there is something elegant and riveting about the work.  (Through December 23, CTRL Gallery, 3907 Main Street, 713-523-2875)
                                                                                                                 by  Kelly Klaasmeyer

 [Undone] Criticism....Gallery IHN 2012.11.21-12. 15
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